Andi and me were coworkers – we solved problems such as how single point mutations can hamper the function of drug transporting proteins and lead to chemo therapy resistance…

He noticed that I had started to learn the drums at a music school in 2007. He told me that he had been in a band several years ago and that he was practicing with his guitar with the intention of starting a new band together with his friend Mario – also a guitarist. The first time I met Mario was in 2006 when we went to a Pearl Jam concert in Vienna. Andi asked if I would like to play the drums in his new band but I had to refuse due to a busy social life.

I quit my job in 2008 but never lost contact to Andi. In Summer 2012 I met Andi again accompanied by Mario who saw me and wanted to have me in his Band (that is what he told me) – for reasons unknown 😉

In early 2013 Andi forwarded me some song concepts and asked whether I liked this kind of music and asked whether I could complete the songs with some nice grooves. Again I rejected for the aforementioned reasons.

In April 2013 my mobile rang (show me how to live – Audioslave) and Andi asked what I’m going to do the next day’s evening – rehersals were planned – – – I said „YES“.

The next day we met each other at Andi’s place in ‚Klaus’ – what a nice coincidence. Not only Andi and Mario were present, also our former Singer Birgit and a very tall guy, who I was so sure must have been the bassist: Ralf.

We started to play the songs Andi formerly sent to me – I was nervous, having never played in a band before and I tried to play the technically most complex grooves I was able to – it was the worst thing I could have done. But they have forgiven me – it was love at the first sight for all of us.

In spring 2015 we lost our singer and were looking for a prima donna. For the audition we had invited 4 songstresses  – Claudia was the first one in line. We started playing our songs and Claudia loaded the room with so much energy that Andi was dancing while playing and strands of his hair were hanging into his face. During the break, while Claudia was at the toilet, Andi cancelled the audition for the other singers…