Nirvana Unplugged in 1994 gave me the reason to learn how to play the guitar. It took me a while to figure out how to play more complex songs and find a good sound but Iron Maiden helped me along doing so and to grow. In 1997 I got the chance to play in Band with Andi, in 1998 we even played two gigs. After these gigs we quitted for several reasons but within me a big black hole grew without music. 11 years later – in 2009 – I met Patrick, a very close friend of mine, and we spent evenings talking about music and so on. Finally we decided to record some covers in his flat. We had some beers already, when we decided to cover ‚Pete Murray‘ and ‚Pearl Jam‘ songs. These sessions were balm for my soul and enforced me to start playing the guitar again and to do some home-studio recordings and productions. Two years later I had some songs completely finished and even more than 20 song-concepts. But still there was something missing. So I met up with Andi again for some jam sessions. When we attended the Foo Fighters ‚waisting light‘ show in Prague in 2012, we decided to found a new band. From that moment on my whole life turned into good. Now I am placed in an awesome social carrousel. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that my life could be that beautiful. Thanks bandmates for beeing with me.